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Why Content Marketing Means Success for Your Business

Jul 3, 2014 12:59:00 PMBy David McManus Posted in Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation

Whatever your company, no matter your industry, you should consider utilizing content marketing for your business in order to maintain a competitive advantage.


Content comes in many forms, including videos, articles, whitepapers, ebooks, infographics, shooks , case studies and webinars, all of which can enhance your online presence to increase your number of prospects and leads.

There are numerous benefits to content marketing for your business, but the following are some of the most significant.

1. Content Survives Indefinitely
In traditional marketing, your ad only lasts while you continue to pay for it to be printed or aired; as soon as you stop, you lose the opportunity to use the ad to gain new customers. Content, on the other hand, remains generating traffic through social media and search unless you decide to delete it. This gives you the power to decide when and for how long to release any piece of content.
2. Content Drives Traffic to Your Site
One of the best ways to gain qualified leads is through interesting and educational content that users find through search engines. The Google Panda algorithm is of particular influence as it rewards sites that have unique content by placing them high in search results.
3. You Will Benefit from Social Media
Social media sites rely on users sharing content. By featuring a tool bar that enables users to share your content more easily on their favorite social media sites, as well as sharing it yourself through your company’s channels, you can significantly increase the visibility of your content and business as a whole.
4. Consumers Respond Better to Content Marketing than Traditional Advertising
People are constantly being bombarded with traditional marketing messages, so much so that they tend to block out the majority of these messages. However, content marketing for your business requires you only to release high-quality educational content and, provided you use SEO techniques correctly, interested consumers will seek out and find the content for themselves.
5. Content Marketing Is Effective
Content marketing is already years old; it is not a new idea or passing fad. A huge number of businesses have already tried content marketing and found it highly successful in gaining new prospects.
6. Content Builds Long-Term Relationships
As much as spontaneous purchases can be good for some companies, building a relationship with your customers that will ensure clients return time and again is a secure option and less expensive over the long term. Content marketing for your business can help you achieve such relationships.
When prospects find information that helps them with a task or project, they will be more likely to remember your company as an organization that helped them. The more quality and educational content you release, the better your reputation as an authority and the more likely prospects will return to purchase your products or services.
7. Content Leads to Community
A constant stream of useful content leads to growth and retainment of your audience. Once you have built a community, you can then interact with your audience by commenting on your own content and sharing content of others that is relevant to your business.
With so many advantages over traditional advertising, ever more companies are favoring content marketing. Whatever your industry and size, you can also benefit from content marketing for your business.



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Posted in Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation