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Length Does Matter When It Comes to Video

Jul 30, 2014 9:02:00 AMBy David McManus Posted in Video Marketing, video seo, Video production tips, content marketing

We get a lot questions about video. The most frequent questions is: what is the best length for my video?

Length matters when it comes to video. Every video should have a specific purpose for its intended audience and the videos should focus on quality content that is:

  • visually appealing,
  • engaging
  • educational enough to hold peoples attention.

If you're producing video for a web audience, then it’s no secret that shorter videos perform better than longer videos. But that’s not to say long form videos can’t be used for specific purposes like training or in depth product reviews. 

Online video clearly communicates your message. It’s been proven that a good web video will translate into sales for your business. But attention spans are short nowadays, so you have a small window to get your information across. The longer your video, the less likely people will watch to the end.

When producing videos for the web, keep your videos short and laser focused. Instead of making one long video, consider breaking up your video into smaller, shorter chunks of information. Be clear, direct, relevant and precise with the information. Know what to say and how to say it. Do not try to squeeze too much information into one video.


If you're thinking about video for your business, then check out our Video Production Checklist. It's a great resource to get you started on your video journey.

what is the proper length for my video?


Short, condensed bursts of information can have huge impact on the overall success rate of your video content.

Having several short videos as opposed one long video will allow you to spread your videos out and publish them on a consistent basis. This provides long term benefits on your content marketing efforts with more opportunities to post these videos to your social media channels.


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Posted in Video Marketing, video seo, Video production tips, content marketing