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The Lead Generation Machine - Part 1 Content

Jun 16, 2015 3:17:36 PMBy David McManus Posted in Web Design, Reputation Management, Lead Generation, content marketing, Sales and Marketing

30_Lead_Gen_-_Book-1As a business owner you're faced with the challenge of generating new business and attracting potential buyers everyday. Generating leads - both high in quality and quantity - should be an important objective when trying to grow your business. A successful lead generation engine is what keeps the funnel full of sales prospects while you sleep.

The best lead generation campaigns contain four crucial elements a marketer or marketing agency needs to generate leads. These four include the offer, the call-to-action, the landing page and the form. If you have a weak link in anyone of these parts then you may not be generating leads or converting leads as efficiently as you'd like. 

To make sure each of the four elements bring you success. Here is some more information on each part of the lead generation process.

The Offer

The offer is a piece of content that is perceived high in value. Offers include
ebooks, whitepapers, free consultations, downloads and case studies. The key to getting someone to download the offer is to make it desirable or valuable. This will overcome a lead's typical hesitation, resistance or concerns.

So how do you make an offer that is irresistible? 

Limited Time and Limited Offers

Limited time offers are one of the most popular ways to create urgency. Get it now before time runs out. Limited Offers refers to something that is limited in quantity. Get it now before quantities run out. Again it creates urgency.

Anytime you turn on a TV you can see examples of this in a commercial. But to see an example in real-time action you can turn on any home shopping channel like HSN or QVC. They all use the same techniques when selling their goods. You'll notice either a countdown clock or quantities left counter on their graphics. In both cases they're trying to create a sense of urgency to get you buy the product before quantities or time runs out.

The Bandwagon Effect 

It’s a natural tendency for humans to copy one another, even without realizing it -- people enjoy being included in things hence the advancement in clubs, tribes, and social communities. So when we notice our social circle is doing one thing, we tend to follow suit. One great way to make an
offer more valuable is to show that other people are participating in that offer. 

News Jacking

When something is buzz-worthy,( A hot topic, or subject shared by a large population) it creates high demand. ” Companies will often leverage newsjacking for this type
of technique and it works very well for offers, too.

Title Creation 

Even though we know we shouldn't, people still do judge a book by it’s cover.
If your offer is a piece of content, such as a white paper, ebook, or presentation, put effort into creating an amazing title.

Avoid Gobbledygook

These are jargon terms and phrases that have been over-used and abused rendering them meaningless.
These words are meant to add more emphasis of a particular subject but instead they make your
eyes roll.

These are just a few  tips that can help you achieve the goal of creating quality and effective leads. If you want more suggestions be sure to download our new E-book.

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Posted in Web Design, Reputation Management, Lead Generation, content marketing, Sales and Marketing