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Effective Social Media Campaigns for Your Business

Jul 8, 2014 2:22:00 PMBy David McManus Posted in Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation, content marketing

There are several avenues to influence and use social media to generate revenue for your business.

Whether you have no social presence at all or are looking to grow your twitter following to 10,000 people Avanti Vision can help you get started with effective social media campaigns.


By going through a simple onboarding process via a short phone conversation our content team will get a better understanding of your business and what you would like to achieve. Though most of this is already discussed with one of our consultants, this allows us to dive a little deeper to ensure a consistent accurate message for your business.


From here we will gather information on any accessing existing social channels and also determine if any additional channels need to be created. The team will gather information on any exisiting social channels and determine if any additional channels need to be created. Team members will also discuss exchanging any pictures, videos or articles you may have. The next step is to start generating posts. Specific posting schedules may be layed out during the phone call.

For Example:

  •         Monday could be a picture of you product
  •         Tuesday might be industry news
  •         Thursday might be a video
  •         Friday could be something trending in the community

The option to review posts prior to going public is certainly an option as well. So what about the businesses looking to grow? There are several different solutions here: Our team can generate form based contests, promotional giveaways, paid ads, and even paid boosted posts. 


Keep in mind this is a team process and the level involvement from our clients varies. Some people have us do everything for them and others want to stay involved on a daily basis. A major key to our social media management success is maintaining an open line of communication. 

Though social media is a major part of your marketing agenda it plays a small part in the overall scheme of an effective content marketing campaign. If you like to know more about content marketing then please check out our post here: The Importance of Content Marketing in 2014 and Beyond.

 Effective Social Media Campaigns

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Posted in Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation, content marketing