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Social Media's Return on Investment

Jul 16, 2014 11:39:00 AMBy David McManus Posted in Social Media, Small Business Marketing, Lead Generation, content marketing

The core of Avanti Visions Inbound Marketing Methodology is Attract – Convert – Close – Delight.  

Social media undoubtedly plays a huge part in this process. Not so much in the convert and close areas but definitely with attracting and delighting.

Ever wonder why that brilliant and catchy facebook post only received 2 likes?! Don’t take it personally! The organic reach for a brand's content on Facebook is declining. Marketers now reach just 6% of their fans on Facebook organically! Marketers may try to spend more money to promote branded content but that could further reduce their social media ROI.

So what should a business owner do? Stop using social media? No way ! Today people are spending just as much time on your social channels as they are on your website. In addition, the amount of people conducting searches on Facebook is rapidly increasing.

Businesses should focus on generating word-of-mouth promotion by enabling customer to customer interactions promoting the brand. Don’t just bombard your clients and followers with posts about how great your product or service is every day. Switch it up with industry news, a trending topic in the community or better yet, share posts from actual customers!

Social_Media_ROI for your business

Get customers to talk about your brand, share their purchases, and write social reviews for a profitable social media strategy. Turning customers into social brand ambassadors is the ultimate social objective for marketers and your business.

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Posted in Social Media, Small Business Marketing, Lead Generation, content marketing