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Direct Mail for Roofers

Jul 14, 2022 11:26:00 AMBy Avanti Vision Posted in Lead Generation, Marketing Trends, roofer marketing

Roofing companies often rely on referrals and inbound leads to sustain their business. Unfortunately, having just one or two ways of generating leads leave many roofing companies susceptible to a host of issues that threaten their business. "In Your Neighborhood" flyers provides roofers with a direct mail program that can enhance their companies' outbound and inbound marketing efforts, so that they can consistently grow their business. Here's why roofing companies should consider adding an In Your Neighborhood flyer to their marketing aresenal.


What Can In Your Neighborhood Flyers Can Do for Roofers?

Relying on word-of-mouth marketing alone or — worse yet — no marketing is a surefire way to limit the number of customers that find your business. It also leaves your business susceptible to inconsistent lead quality and other unpredictable variables. Using our mailing program to engage with potential clients on a consistent basis eliminates these variables and enables roofing companies to maximize revenue due to a number of unique advantages.Direct Mail Roofers

Target a Specific Audience

One advantage of our "In Your Neighborhood" flyers is that they can be highly targeted. Roofing companies can designate a specific area with specific customers. This capability enables roofing businesses to tailor their marketing message and branding to showcase familiarity with the area and build a connection with residents. Using approachable marketing language and key demographics increases the likelihood that residents will respond and that these leads will convert into paying clients.

In addition, roofing companies can target areas based on the conditions of a given area to increase the likelihood of converting clients as well. Residents are far more likely to be in need of roofing services after a severe storm, snow, or strong winds. In Your Neighborhood flyers enable roofing companies to take advantage of these conditions and more to maximize revenue with precise targeting capabilities.

Generate Consistent Leads

Another advantage that roofing companies can gain by implementing "In Your Neighborhood" flyers into their marketing toolset is a more stable supply of leads. Because roofing needs are often dependent on weather conditions and similar variables, there is no guarantee of leads year-round. Leads that were once poured in by the dozen during the rainy season can disappear instantly during long stretches of dry, sunny weather, leaving roofing businesses flat.

Fortunately, roofing needs are year-round needs, but many potential customers just don't know it. Needs such as gutter cleaning and roof inspections are year-round services that homeowners must always consider and roofing mailers could be an excellent means of educating potential customers about these needs. Roofing companies can send out flyers to these residents to attain a consistent source of leads year-round.

It's clear that roofing companies that are utilizing the "In Your Neighborhood" flyers are killing it n the areas they want to work in. Those roofing companies in the same areas are not seeing the same results in their marketing efforts. With our "In Your Neighborhood" campaigns and comprehensive digital marketing toolset, we offer roofing companies the opportunity to take advantage of mailers using advanced targeting that enables them to maximize both leads and sales. Get in touch with Avanti Vision to integrate our digital marketing services and roofing mailers into your marketing strategy today!


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Posted in Lead Generation, Marketing Trends, roofer marketing