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The Secret of Your Calls: Use Call Tracking as Your Business Detective

Jul 3, 2024 9:45:00 AMBy Avanti Vision Posted in content marketing, Closed Loop Marketing, Sales and Marketing, Call to Action, Advanced Targeting, Content Marketing Company, tree service leads, digital marketing


Phone calls might seem like an outdated concept compared to texts, emails, and other digital communications. However, when you need immediate assistance or information from a company, phone calls are invaluable. They provide a direct line for booking services and connecting with potential customers, making them a crucial tool for businesses. Many companies view incoming calls as their primary means of engaging with leads and closing sales.

A powerful yet often overlooked tool in this process is call tracking. Call tracking enables businesses to trace the source of their calls, providing invaluable insights into which marketing efforts and assets are generating phone traffic. Think of it as the detective of your marketing strategies. For instance, when someone clicks on an online ad, visits your website, or looks at your direct mail piece, and calls a unique "call tracked" number, your call tracking software attributes the call to that specific ad/marketing piece. Allowing you to know exactly where that call came from and how you generated it. 

Businesses can purchase multiple tracking numbers and route them all to the same business line. By assigning different tracking numbers to various marketing assets, you can assess the effectiveness of each channel, identifying which ones generate the most calls.

call tracking systems

The benefits of call tracking extend beyond simple call attribution. It significantly enhances your Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). Without call tracking, calculating the cost per lead or sale is largely guesswork. With it, you gain a clear understanding of which strategies are successful and which are not.

Call tracking also offers additional features, such as transcribing calls into text. This enables your marketing team to review conversations, identify customer needs, and refine ad copy and sales pitches accordingly. Moreover, call tracking systems can automate actions for missed calls. If you miss a call, the system can send an automated text response or follow-up email, ensuring you stay connected with potential customers even outside of business hours.

Another valuable feature is call scoring. By assigning numeric values to important parts of a call, you can prioritize high-scoring calls, focusing on the most promising leads. This system helps differentiate high-value calls from less important ones.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhances call tracking even further. AI can analyze calls quickly, summarize them, assess customer sentiment, and identify key audience segments. This ensures you engage in quality conversations without manually reviewing each call.

To maximize the effectiveness of call tracking, consider these pro tips:

Count unique callers to maintain accurate metrics.

Integrate call tracking data into your overall marketing reports for a comprehensive view of your marketing performance.

Call tracking is a vital component of any foundational marketing strategy. It provides clarity, improves ROAS, and enhances customer engagement. If you need guidance on implementing call tracking, we're here to help!



Posted in content marketing, Closed Loop Marketing, Sales and Marketing, Call to Action, Advanced Targeting, Content Marketing Company, tree service leads, digital marketing