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      Call to Action Examples - The Marketing Call to Action You May Be ...

      Feb 25, 2014 7:05:00 AMBy Antonio Basile Posted in Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation

      When it comes to a call to action - be it via an email blast, a direct mail piece, or even a website landing page, many business owners miss out on tried-and-true methods because they are either trying to blaze a different trail or they just have not done enough research on existing call to action samples to know how to craft an effective sales pitch.


      In the world of marketing, there is relatively nothing new under the sun, so take some tips from these call to action samples that have been proven to work no matter the industry or intended audience.

      1. Convey a sense of urgency

      Some of the best marketers in the world have all used this time-tested little marketing gem. By using a call to action that references a time-sensitive subscription window, for example, or that offers a great introductory period in which a subscriber or customer can try your product or service free of charge, you are generating a feeling of urgency around your message. Urgency is hard for a consumer to ignore. As humans, we have an innate desire to never miss out on anything - and there is no reason you can;t tap into that emotion and use it to share your call to action message with a captive audience.

      2. Convey a sense of the elite

      Another well-known fact about the human race is that we love to be part of something bigger than ourselves - especially when that belonging places us into an elite group that not everyone has access to. By offering your customers the chance to become a part of a subscription base or mailing list or shopping club, for example, you automatically and exponentially increase the allure of what you are offering. As with the previous call to action example, this marketing tactic is extremely effective because it is extremely hard for your audience to ignore.

      3. Convey a sense of unusual value

      Today's shoppers are bombarded with deals, freebies, specials, and one-time offers, which is all the more reason for you to make sure that your call to action stands out from the crowd. By conveying a sense of unusual value, a value that is either a one-time offer or that is only good for an extremely limited time, you up both the urgency and the elite membership aspects of your marketing message, making it that much more appealing to your consumers.

      4. Convey a sense of emotion

      When in doubt, appeal to your audience's emotions. Whether it is outrage at an injustice being done in your industry that you aim to make right, or love for a particular service or product, or excitement surrounding an upcoming event or holiday, you would be remiss not to appeal to the emotional investments and interests of your target audience. Most great call to action examples - even those that are concise - utilize some sort of emotional appeal that draws people in and keeps them locked into your message all the way through to the close of the sale.

      5. Convey a sense of need

      If you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that your audience needs your service or product to make their life better, more meaningful, more fun, or whatever it is that your platform addresses as a benefit to the consumer, then by all means - talk about it in your call to action sales pitch. Show the reader definitively why they would be missing out by not taking advantage of what you are offering; do not assume that they will make the connection themselves, because they won't. There are countless call to action examples 

      6. Convey a sense of added value

      Different that conveying a feeling of unusual value as mentioned above, speaking to an added value that your sales pitch brings to the table involves showing the consumer how your offering will benefit them in more ways than just one. Whether it is offering them multiple products for one low value or allowing them additional insider access to your website or providing multiple file formats and hard copies of whatever it is they are signing up to receive, you will be amazed how promoting added value to your promoted service or product can boost sales.

      While these call to action examples are time-tested and proven to work, they will only help your marketing efforts if you actually put them to use in your own call to action examples. So pick one, two, or even three to try and start seeing results in your sales pitch marketing efforts today.

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      Posted in Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation