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Call Tracking Strategies

Dec 21, 2021 12:41:44 PMBy David

Are you getting the most out of your marketing efforts for your business? If not, keep reading because this blog post is going to give you some insight into our call tracking system and how to implement it in your business.

We help some of the best contractors in the home services industry (roofers, tree services, HVAC) market and grow their businesses every day. And Call Tracking helps them tremendously. 

So let's review a bit of our call tracking strategy and attribution. First, what do we mean when we say call tracking? Well, call tracking is a system we offer that allows you to attach a phone number and live person answering the phone to any pieces of your marketing assets. This will allow you to see and compare exactly how your online efforts, as well as your offline efforts, such as direct mail, ads, and billboards, are working.

Call Tracking allows you to get more value out of your phone calls so you can make the best decisions and spend your marketing dollars wisely. 


Local Display ads, website SEO, Money-mailers, or coupon clippers could all get your phone to ring. But which one is performing the best?  Do you know what kinds of calls are driving revenue and conversions? That's where our call tracking comes in. We add Call Tracking to our members' Marketing Tech Stack and they love it.

Finally, you know exactly what is going on with all of the “behind the scenes marketing stuff”.

Let's look at an example:

Joe is the owner of ABC Tree service in Southeastern Pa. Like all tree care businesses, incoming phone calls are very important to his business. His customers and potential customers call to book estimates & jobs, ask questions and get information or quotes over the phone. They find him online, through a Google search (SEO), and from multiple direct mail pieces that are sent out. Joe’s business doubled from these marketing efforts, so he bumped up his marketing spend again, to get even more business. One of these marketing channels was working really well for his business while the others were suspect. To get to the bottom of things Joe decided to try one of our Call Tracking packages to get a better handle on what was working and not working with his marketing efforts. Prior to using Call Tracking Joe used the same number for all of his different marketing channels. This left him unsure and unable to tell which marketing asset the calls were coming from.

Once Joe added our Call Tracking service and used a different number for all three channels of marketing and his website, he knew exactly how many calls each channel generated relative to his marketing spend.

Based on these Numbers Joe knows 4 things :

  • Paid search is expensive and…

  • Money mailer does ok but not enough calls to grow his business.

  • His Website seems good but needs to generate more calls.

  • It does not make sense to run the bigger ad in the clipper.

    call track

Now Joe can see what value is provided by each marketing Channel.