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Content: The Foundation to Your Inbound Success

Jul 13, 2015 12:16:00 PMBy Bethany Mitchell Posted in Social Media, Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation, content marketing, SEO, Blogging


Content. Content. Content. We talk about it a lot as inbound marketers, but we are not taking it as 

seriously as we should. Only 44% of B2B marketers have a documented content strategy, and only 39% of
B2C marketers have one. Content is the foundation of inbound marketing so there should be nothing stopping any of us from creating a dynamite content strategy. The question is, why should we be spending so much time on something so fundamental? Here’s why:

First, what exactly is content?

Content:  Information made available by a website or other electronic medium.

Content is essentially what is being delivered through your inbound marketing strategy. It is the message your company is portraying to visitors, leads, customers, and promoters. Content is the central aspect that you need to be focusing on to create a palpable message that attracts visitors and then keeps them hooked on what your company has to offer. The nitty gritty of the content you’re putting out there is clearly crucial, but the way it is delivered is even more so.

A formula for success

Content + Distribution = Traffic, Leads, Customers

Content is what creates the substance you need for a successful inbound marketing strategy, and it is what draws in the “strangers” that you need to be seeing your site. After the content you have formulated successfully brings in those strangers, the content they delve into on your site will be even better and richer. Taking in your content turns them into visitors. This content is what entices your site’s visitors to participate in filling out your forms, taking in your information, and researching your business.

Now your visitors are leads by wrapping themselves in your content, just like that. However, your content strategy doesn’t stop developing here. Now you need to nurture your leads and put them in a solid position that depends on your company’s products and services. But how do you nurture a lead?


With content! Creating a content strategy for your leads is a vital process that you need to undergo in order to keep them around, and it will create a foundation that keeps building your business relationship. The content you strategize for specific leads will make them feel important to your company and show that you want to help them with whatever their needs may be.

content-marketing-services-inbound-expertsA content strategy is the groundwork for your overall inbound marketing strategy, and it is a foolproof way to gain traffic you need on your website, leads to turn into customers, and customers to turn into promoters. So what is stopping you from creating a content strategy to enhance your inbound marketing success?


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Posted in Social Media, Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation, content marketing, SEO, Blogging