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10 Great Video Marketing Tips to Get You Started

Jun 6, 2014 1:01:00 PMBy David McManus Posted in Video Marketing, Inbound Marketing, video seo, Video production tips

Video has seen massive growth in the last few years and is no longer a passing fad or over hyped marketing tool.

Using video in your marketing campaigns could increase your overall business and brand awareness. It’s highly likely that your competitor is using video, so hop on the train and do not let the video opportunity pass you by.

10 Video Marketing Tips to Get You Started from Avanti Vision on Vimeo.

We put together 10 Video marketing tips to get you started.

1. Get started now - There’s no time like the present to get started with video. Even if you do not know anything about video production, it’s imperative to get started. If you not sure how or where to get started,  then call us; we’ll offer you guidance, support or complete production capabilities.

2. Publish your videos on a consistent basis. One video can do wonders for your marketing but having several videos in the pipeline which you can consistently publish will help you achieve greater results in search engines.

3. Time - Everyone is information rich but time poor. Your video should value you peoples time and have laser focus: Make your point as quickly and clearly as possible and keep your video as short as you can.

4. Make compelling content - make content people want to watch - and make it for your target audience..

5. Keep quality in the forefront. A poorly produced video can do more to harm your credibility as a business than no video at all. People see poor quality a reflection of yourself and business.

6. Call to Actions. Always include a call to action in your video. What do you want them to do after they watched your video. Answer that questions and include an action step in the video.


New Call-to-action


7. Make sure your audio is high quality. This is important because believe it or not people will tolerate a video with bad visuals...but if no one will watch a video with poor audio.

8. Use graphics to enhance and brand your videos. Make it personal; let them know who you are by including lower third graphic with your name. Don’t forget to incorporate your logo to show your brand as well.

9. Optimize your video for the web. You know search engines can’t crawl a video like it can a page of boring text. Give it a little help and include keywords, title tags and perhaps a transcription.

10. share your video. now that you have your video, share with associates and friends on your social media pages.

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Posted in Video Marketing, Inbound Marketing, video seo, Video production tips