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Buyer Personas and Why They're Crucial to Marketing Efforts

Jan 2, 2014 3:47:00 PMBy David McManus Posted in Inbound Marketing

Why Content Marketing Means Success

When creating content for your business you should always be thinking about your buyer personas. What exactly is a buyer persona? In this video will explain what a buyer persona is and how it can help you make dynamic content for your business. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customers based on real data and educated speculation about customer demographics, behaviors, patterns, motivations, and goals.

Now, we know that sounds like a complex definition but in order to create the right content for your business, you need a detailed representation of your ideal customer is. 


Buyer personas help you better relate to your customers and help you identify their goals. 

They involve more information than just your target market. Buyer personas will have common behavior patterns, shared pain points, shared goals and wishes, dreams, general demographic and biographic information.

Most businesses should have two to five buyer personas. 

How do you develop a buyer persona?

Interview research were surveyed your clients to develop your buyer persona try to develop a five chapter story on your buyer personas based on these five points: 
*job and demographic information 
*what is a day in your life look like 
*what other challenges or pain points 
*where do they go for information 
*common objections to products or services 

Still Confused Heres an example of one of Avanti Visions Buyer Personas


This buyer persona is for a marketing agency that is looking for help with his marketing services. Start developing your buyer personas today!



Posted in Inbound Marketing