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EDDM from USPS: Direct mail in the Hands of Consumers

Nov 2, 2023 6:15:00 AMBy Avanti Vision Posted in Small Business Marketing, Lead Generation, content marketing, Direct Mail

In today's fast-paced digital world, where emails can easily get lost in crowded inboxes and online ads go unnoticed, businesses often struggle to reach their target audience effectively. However, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has introduced a powerful solution to this problem – Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). EDDM is a cost-effective and highly targeted marketing tool that allows businesses to put information about their products and services directly into the hands of consumers.


Every Door Direct Mail is a versatile marketing strategy that allows businesses to target specific geographic areas, ensuring that their message reaches the right audience. Here's why EDDM is such an effective tool for businesses:

eddmHow can EDDM help? Precise Targeting! Businesses can choose specific neighborhoods, ZIP codes, or carrier routes where their potential customers reside. This level of targeting ensures that your marketing materials are delivered to people most likely to be interested in your products or services.

Why use this over other methods? It's a cost-effective marketing strategy when compared to traditional direct mail. It eliminates the need for mailing lists or addresses, saving businesses time and money.

In an age where digital advertising dominates, physical marketing materials stand out. EDDM allows you to send postcards, brochures, flyers, or other promotional materials directly to consumers' mailboxes, providing a tangible connection with your brand. Your marketing materials are delivered front and center to consumers, without the competition of other emails or online ads. This ensures that your message gets noticed and has a higher chance of being acted upon.

Regular EDDM campaigns can help build brand recognition in specific geographic areas. As recipients consistently receive your marketing materials, they become more familiar with your brand, leading to increased trust and loyalty.

To harness the power of EDDM, follow these simple steps:

  1. Design Your Marketing Materials: Create eye-catching and engaging marketing materials that highlight your products or services. Ensure that your message is clear and concise.
  2. Choose Your Target Area: Use the USPS EDDM mapping tool to select the specific neighborhoods or areas you want to target. You can filter by ZIP code, carrier route, or even draw custom boundaries.
  3. Print and Prepare Your Materials: Once you have your marketing materials and target areas, print and prepare them according to USPS guidelines, which include size and bundling requirements.
  4. Deliver to USPS: Take your prepared EDDM materials to your local post office, where they will be delivered to every mailbox in your selected areas.
  5. Measure and Optimize: Track the success of your EDDM campaigns by monitoring response rates and sales. Use this data to make informed decisions and continually improve your marketing strategy.


Countless businesses have achieved remarkable success through EDDM campaigns. Local restaurants have used EDDM to promote special offers to nearby residents, resulting in increased foot traffic. Real estate agents have used EDDM to showcase property listings, attracting potential buyers and sellers in specific neighborhoods. Small businesses, in general, have leveraged EDDM to introduce their products and services to their local communities.

So, if you want your business to stand out and reach your local audience effectively, consider harnessing the power of EDDM today.

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Posted in Small Business Marketing, Lead Generation, content marketing, Direct Mail