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What Are Some of the Smaller Daily Deals Sites, and Are They Worth It?

Jul 1, 2013 10:52:30 AMBy Antonio Basile Posted in Local Search, Small Business Marketing

Now that Groupon and LivingSocial, although far from dead, are sorting out their businesses going forward, smaller daily deal sites have jumped to the mind of small business owners as a practical alternative for this business model going forward. It's not completely vital to choose the largest company, when in fact, a smaller daily deal site may be more suitable for your business.

So why is a smaller daily deal sites able to shine when the big dogs fail?

We've all heard and some lived the horror stories of small business owners who've signed up with a daily deal site and ended up unable to provide the number of deals they were talked into or urged to purchase. Not so with the smaller companies, since they know that your satisfaction is the only way you'll return as well as spread the word within your hyperlocal area. Also, though they typically have smaller staffs, support from a smaller site is much easier to get, as you're generally not being passed over for businesses spending far more money than yours.

How daily deals can work for hyperlocal marketing

Most of these niche sites employ smaller workforces, meaning they have the freedom to adapt adjust to your needs. They usually don't have investors to answer to, and are far more likely to be able to concentrate on helping you, rather than serving their stock price. They understand that they need to deliver for you, the small businessperson, or you won't return. Moreover, if a merchant has a poor experience they are very likely to spread the word socially, and this will have a negative effect. Conversely, a smaller daily deal site that comes through will see its fame spread all through your hyperlocal community. Don't pass over some of the smaller daily deal sites when you are searching for offers. They may actually be the right fit for your small business!

Posted in Local Search, Small Business Marketing