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5 Reasons Why Online Video Marketing Is Useful For Your Company Today

Apr 28, 2015 11:34:00 AMBy Jeffrey Carroll Posted in Video Marketing, Broadcast Video, Inbound Marketing, video seo, Video production tips, Online Video

Video marketing: Online video marketing is an easy and convenient way for people to consume information.

video marketing

  1. Today we live in a culture that has adopted a very fast way of living. “Time is money", and people don’t have the time to read long articles on products or services. Videos are less time consuming than text advertising, and can provide the consumer with a lot of useful information in a short amount of time. In a recent study conducted by Digital Sherpa, It was found that 64% of web visitors are more likely to purchase a product after viewing an informational video on the Web.

  2. More people are using their mobile devices to surf the Web. This is a trend that has become common, especially in the younger generations. Text information appears small and hard to read on mobile devices while video is clear and easy to use. A study conducted by Cisco, shows that mobile Internet traffic has increased 69% from 2013- 2014.

  3. Online videos are easily shared via social media. Almost any video that you find online has a like or share button that instantly posts the video to an individuals social media. This helps the video obtain an audience, which can convert into more leads for your product or service.

  4. Online videos are cheap and easy to produce. Videos can be obtained with just a small portion of your businesses marketing budget. Depending on the level of expertise and quality of equipment, the cost of these videos rage from a couple hundred to thousand dollar projects.

  5. Video marketing is a sales approach that works around the clock. As long as the video is up to date and relevant, the targeted customer can access valuable information at his or her own convenience.

* Fun Fact- Youtube is the second most used search engine in the world 

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Phone: 484-552-8946

Email: info@avantivision.com

Posted in Video Marketing, Broadcast Video, Inbound Marketing, video seo, Video production tips, Online Video