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4 Ways to Spice up Your Social Media Life

Jun 22, 2015 1:30:35 PMBy Bethany Mitchell Posted in Social Media

imagesSocial media is increasingly becoming more popular as a business tactic all over the world. Yeah, we all obviously know that. The Social Media Examiner showed that 92% of respondents of a study done in 2014 said that social media is crucial to business. Even with that being said, dry and unappealing content is still being shared on screens everywhere. It’s a travesty.

So why is it still happening? Because it’s the easy road on the mountain of running a business. Sharing something uninteresting is more detrimental to your business than not sharing anything at all. Every time something is shared via social media, it needs to call attention to your business. EVERY TIME. This is something that’s easier said than done because it is challenging and calls for bright minds, but there are ways to help even the brightest.

I know what you’re thinking. A miracle has to happen to gain as much social media attention as a platform like Buzzfeed. A miracle doesn’t have to happen, just some changes and settling for mediocrity on social media is not included.

What about those of you who have companies that are already producing great material on social media but aren’t gaining the attention that you would like? There are four easy tools that you can put into action in both spicing up your content on social media and to attract viewers and potential clients to it.

1. Bunkr

4475_46eb0186114e0990b607aece80c39e8c4eaa4708_bunkr_mBunkr allows you to take the content that is craving a home on a social media platform and create a visual asset to draw viewers into what you want to say about your business. Essentially, what you make with Bunkr is called a slider, and it comes off as its own little website without all the tedious work for you.

Bunkr also wraps up your content into a neat and organized package but with a side of cool. What you use Bunkr for can be all new material generated for your company, or you can recycle material already produced to reiterate it to your audience in a new and innovative way. Using Bunkr is something that is fresh to the scene, and the beta version is absolutely free to use.

2. Soundslides

maxresdefaultFinding unique ways to portray content initiatives is difficult, but many companies are now using storytelling to accomplish it. Images, multimedia files, and other digital assets are now the introduction, plot, and conclusion for business stories.

Soundslides are a way for a business to uniquely share their stories, and it is specially made for social media use. Utilizing soundslides takes images to another level and adds audio to make it skyrocket. They’re also super easy to convert into videos for those of us who aren’t the most tech savvy, and they’re mobile device friendly for your viewers that have their smartphones glued to their palms.

3. Screenmailer

Sometimes your social media content isn’t doing the trick because you're keeping your viewers so far away from the insides of your business that they cannot connect to you. Let Screenmailer be your way to a happy relationship between you and your audience.

screen1280x800No, this isn’t eHarmony, it’s Screenmailer, and it allows you to let your audience into your company’s web based tools, processes, and assets. Screenmailer allows you to record your screen and your voice, and share it within seconds. So, now you’re not just telling viewers what you do, you’re showing them in an engaging and easy to follow video on their favorite social media platform. With Screenmailer pubic beta mode, it is also free for you to use, and it’s compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

4. Pablo

Adding images to your content is an automatic win, but you probably use stock photos which is an automatic lose. Pablo is a tool where you can use a background photo and add quotes and brand messaging to it to make a one of a kind image. They’re multifunctional photos that can stand alone, enhance a blog, and ultimately make your social media pages pop.

Pablo-BufferPablo also provides software that is simple for sharing, once again for us that think the digital world is another planet, an array of photos ready to be used, the ability to use your own photos, and customizable fonts, colors and effects.

Social media content needs to motivate your company’s audience to be advocates for your brand, and make them want to keep coming back for more. It’s time to throw boring out the door and to stop settling for content that you know won’t do the trick. Spice it up and get noticed in the lively world of social media.

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