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99 Problems, but a Web Designer Shouldn't Be One

Sep 10, 2015 12:40:07 PMBy Bethany Mitchell Posted in Web Design

Trying to solve marketing problems can be what brings your business down even in the long run. Saydownload_4 what? It turns out that marketers having trouble jump to the conclusion that their website is the problem. It definitely could be, but hiring a web design company to give your site a full makeover is not what you need to be looking into. I hate to break it to you, but web designers do not specialize in marketing and solving your marketing problems; they specialize in making things pretty, and the more makeup you put on the problem area, the worse it will get.

When posed with marketing complications, it is best to try to solve the problems in house first. Before b-lining it to outside sources like a web design agency, take advantage of the team you have that is most likely filled with intelligent individuals. Utilizing your marketing team is the simplest solution to a marketing problem that lies within your website, but some setbacks need a little extra attention.

However, getting that extra attention from a web design company is not the best decision for your company. Businesses looking to make a profit off of their products or services fall into the web design trap and hire an agency that makes their site too flashy and overdone. When potential customers visit your site, the first thing they need to be drawn to is what you have to offer, not flashing lights and crazy templates.

Another downfall of choosing to hire a web designer to “solve your marketing problems” is the lack of a call-to-action within the site . Web designers are not trained to portray your business’s call-to-action because itimages_4 is simply not what they do; that is what you do, and your team is responsible for creating a call-to-action that seamlessly works for those who visit your site. The content of your site is what answers your visitors’ questions and leads them toward being your customer.

When wandering outside of the office for help, a price comes with it, and there are detriments to paying too much or too little for web design. Paying too little will get you a cheap designer that does not make smart business decisions for your company. Then you’re left with a product that doesn’t make the cut for your customers. However, paying too much for designers that work for huge brands are not suited to work for small companies that are ROI focused.

And if that wasn’t enough, web design agencies don’t know who to target for your particular business. download_5Usually what ends up happening is they target everyone, and we all know that’s a big no, no. Think about a website that targets everyone on the internet… now be realistic. Things end up being a huge mess, and a website that tries to satisfy everyone will most likely satisfy no one.

So what the heck are you supposed to do now? DIY-ing is not the answer, so do not open your Pinterest app. If you feel like your company’s website is not hitting the mark and generating leads, then it's time to rethink your strategy. Start by downloading our resource guide: 25 Website Must Haves for Driving Traffic, Leads and Sales.

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