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Is SEO Needed For Your Roofing Business?

Dec 15, 2022 1:00:00 PMBy Avanti Vision Posted in Small Business Marketing, video seo, SEO, Marketing Trends, roofer marketing

People are realizing the benefits of working in a skilled trade and competition is becoming fierce. To become successful, and beat your competition you will need to market your services both online and offline. There are a lot of strategies to get your roofing business found by customers and one of them is SEO. But the question is, do you need to hire an SEO service provider to help get your business get found online?

The answer is that collaborating with an SEO marketing expert can be highly beneficial because they can help you generate your own leads as opposed to buying them from other lead sources who may share them with your own competition.

Why Local SEO Marketing Is Crucial to Your Roofing Business

Creating a website for your business and social media channels is a good way of getting the word, but only if you use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. This means that you strategically place keywords, content, and videos on your website that makes your page appear at the top of Google or Bing...or any other search engine.SEO for Roofers

Sure it might sound simple, but it isn't. You have to be sure you attract the right kind of people to your content. Building up a following of people all around the world is nice, but it may not help your roofing business gain any customers locally. Instead, you'll need to focus on strategies that attract local customers, which include selecting keywords, optimizing content around those keywords,  creating/updating your Google Business Profile, and making sure your business details/listings are consistent on various online platforms. And that is just the start of things - the rabbit hole goes even deeper.

What Can an SEO Service Do for You?

It can help you get found online, ahead of your competition, whenever someone searches for "your service" in your local area. But making that happen can be a challenge, especially if you don't have any experience with SEO. For this reason, most roofing companies will benefit from engaging with a professional SEO firm.  An SEO specialist can collaborate with you to cover the many different and varied aspects of search engine optimization.  They help create a unified online presence that includes your website, local directories, and social media channels. What's more, they keep on top of changes to search engines' algorithms and continually optimize your website, so your steady stream of lead generation doesn't dry up. 


SEO Audit For Roofers


Should All Roofer Marketing Be Online? 

A combined strategy of online and offline marketing is often best for local businesses. At Avanti Vision, we offer an "In Your Neighborhood" campaign, which allows you to target people in a very specific area, for example near you or in an affluent neighborhood. We will design custom flyers for you and deliver them directly to potential customers' doors.

Then, we track the number of calls you get and monitor traffic on your website. When someone visits your site, we can use retargeting techniques to make sure that your content is seen by them multiple times. Most people have to view a message at least seven times before they are willing to buy, so consistency and persistence are key.

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A comprehensive online and offline marketing strategy that includes SEO and an In Your Neighborhood Campaign can help you generate leads and increase your business’s revenue.


Posted in Small Business Marketing, video seo, SEO, Marketing Trends, roofer marketing