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direct mail vs digital marketing: is it a competition?

Aug 8, 2022 11:31:00 AMBy Avanti Vision Posted in Lead Generation, Sales and Marketing, Marketing Trends, digital marketing

Every business owner in the service industry knows the importance of getting the word out there about what their business offers and what sets them apart from the competition. With different mediums such as direct mail or digital marketing available to reach your prospective customers, developing a strategy that best benefits your business is essential. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each of these mediums versus the other to help you strategize for your business.

Advantages of Mailing Campaigns

While more marketing than ever is done in the digital space in our day and age, that doesn’t mean advertisements sent directly through the mail don’t have their place. This form of marketing can be highly targeted, allowing you to personalize the message you want to send to tailor it to the person receiving the ad. It also places a tangible, physical advertisement with the customer, giving a greater chance that they’ll engage with the content of the ad.

Additionally, this type of advertisement lets you ensure that you’re reaching the right demographics with your marketing. Business owners in the service industry know that it’s important to reach all different kinds of people that need what their business offers, and that includes the older demographic that many homeowners fall under. These customers may not engage with digital content, but reaching them via mail is still an effective way of communicating.direct mail vs digital marketing


Advertising in the Online Space

With social media and online spaces being used more widely than ever, more people turn to these digital platforms when they’re looking for a product or service they need. Meeting your audience where they are and ensuring that your business is as visible as possible in these spaces is essential to your success. Doing so will allow you to reach audiences that don’t pay much attention to mail advertisements.

There are a number of other benefits to marketing in a digital format as well. Success in this form of advertising is easy to measure in concrete data, since you’ll be able to see what type of audience engages with your advertisement and how long they pay attention to it, among other metrics. A well-targeted online advertising campaign also typically gives an excellent ratio of cost to revenue generated.

How to Bring Both Mediums Together

In reality, these two advertising mediums aren’t competing with one another but rather are two components that should both be incorporated into a wider marketing strategy. Presenting a cohesive personality with coordination between your mailing advertisements and the content you post in the digital space will help your brand resonate with your customers. They’ll remember you when they think of the service your business provides because they are so familiar with the brand in multiple settings.

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Posted in Lead Generation, Sales and Marketing, Marketing Trends, digital marketing