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Quality Audio for Video- Corporate Video Production Tips

Apr 11, 2014 4:07:00 PMBy David McManus Posted in Video Marketing, Video production tips

How do you capture quality audio for video?

Capturing quality audio is absolutely essential for your video production because nobody tolerates a video with poor quality audio. When it comes to quality audio for your video you should consider using several different microphones that will help you capture the best audio quality.

  • Shotgun Microphones.  Size, price and pickup pattern vary greatly with these,  but having one of these in your kit is essential because of the versatility and quality audio it can produce. In fact, some might so sensitive you have to be careful about picking up extraneous noises such as traffic or air vents when using this to mic your subject.
  • Laveliere microphones. Any time you’re doing interviews, you’ll want to use a lavaliere mic. You clip it on our subject and it’s only going to pick up your subject and cut down on extraneous noise. Again price and pick up patterns vary, and of course like most things – generally the more you spend on a lavaliere the better the quality of the product.
  • Wireless microphones. A wireless microphone system gives the presenter the freedom to move around and not be constricted with wires. Again these vary greatly in price and performance but having one of these in your kits will provide you with some extra autonomy. Perfect for those situations where you cant' or don’t want any wires.
  • PZM – pressure zone microphones. These microphones are very versatile and can be used most any situations such as board meetings, depositions and other event shoots. Placing these on a table or on a wall is a great way to pick up multiple people in a room or ambient sound of events.

Rembember, every shooting situation varies, so having these audio tools in your kit will give you the versatility to provide quality audio on all your videos.

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Posted in Video Marketing, Video production tips