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A Full Service Agency for Everyone Is An Agency For No One

Apr 12, 2017 12:30:00 PMBy David McManus Posted in content marketing, digital marketing

Is your full service digital agency holding you back?

You’re busy running a company, doing a little bit of everything, with what seems like never enough time. That's why you're thinking of hiring a marketing agency. Awesome! There's never been a better time to be a client thanks to the range of marketing agency choices out there.

However, you’re wary of what kind of results they can produce in comparison to what you are going have to pay them. This is a very valid concern and it would be nice to know there is a guarantee that it will work before you spend money on it.
There are no guarantees in this blog post, but there are suggestions when choosing to work with a marketing company. Marketing can encompass many things including, but not limited to, advertising, digital, social media, tradeshows and direct mail. It’s great if you can go to one place to get all your specialized marketing done. After all, that is what a full service digital marketing agency means.

Though a full service agency can do many things under one roof there may still be some things they cannot do in house and need to go outside of their agency to accomplish it. The term digital marketing alone can encompass many things: content marketing, inbound marketing, video marketing and social media marketing to name a few. Plus, as a full service agency they would also provide services such as strategy, creative services, video production, SEO, social, web development along with transparent monthly reporting and analytics.

Full Service Marketing Agency.jpgIt’s great if you can find a full service agency that provides all these services under one
roof.  However, even if they do provide all services in house, not every full service
marketing agency will be the right fit for your business. If you can find a full service agency that works in your specific niche, it will benefit you greatly to take advantage of their experience. Just as focusing on specific skill set, niche or audience can yield many benefits to a business, the same can be said of working with a marketing agency within your specific niche.

If you try to appeal to everyone, you end up appealing to no one.
Marketing companies that work in specific niches have no fear. That fear being: if they focus only on a niche (solving a particular problem for a particular business), they make themselves less appealing to everyone else. They say no to things they know nothing about...that means they say no to business. They’re focused and committed to solving a particular issue for a particular business. If one tries to appeal to everyone, they end up appealing to no one... just like a piece of content (see Content for Everybody is Content for Nobody). A niche marketing agency will leverage their expertise in specific area(s) to help you dominate your competition and reach that segmented market. They can help you take very specific products or services to consumers who are the ones interested in receiving them. This in turn will not only help you boost business but redefine your business by positioning, upselling and remarketing new products and services as well.

Your business can move boldly forward working with a specialized agency. Make sure your business’s client base aligns with that of your marketing agency. If your company focuses on tree removal services then your marketing agency should have experience marketing tree care companies. Treetopsmarketing.com is a perfect example of a marketing company working with specific business types within a specific niche.  

Partnering with an spcialized marketing agency that aligns with your business means you’re never throwing away money or hoping for returns. Working with a niche marketer should make it easier to track and analyze your marketing - they’ve approached this before and know how to reach a larger percentage of people who are more likely to actually purchase your services or product.

Niche Marketing Agency.jpgConquering the fear of focus (which niche to specialize in) is essential to any business's success and to any marketing agency's success for that matter. The real thing to fear is not specializing and standing out from the crowd. With specialized knowledge of an industry comes profound experience and expertise that can reach your audience and produce very effective campaigns.

A non specialized agency will keep having to re-learn a new market every time it takes on a new customer. This means it will struggle to deliver a consistent stream of new leads and potential new clients, plus find it hard to retain clients. It’s spending valuable time and resources on learning, as opposed to delivering creative, effective ideas that deliver results time and time again. What's more specialized firms attract better talent and work with and around the industry’s top influencers.

Achieving agency specialization takes time, dedication and courage because they say no to people that aren't a good fit. They are efficient and streamlined in the creative, execution and delivery of services. Their specialization allows them to understand the unique pain point of your audience, what they need and how they buy it.

A niche marketing agency has a streamlined qualifying process allowing them to attract the right leads to your product and service while avoiding the tire kickers. They know what questions to ask and how to uncover the true challenges and goals. They know which kind of content to create and will be able to pass more qualified leads onto you or sales team. 


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Posted in content marketing, digital marketing