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Professional Tree Service vs 2 Chainsaws and a Pickup

Jan 19, 2018 6:08:59 PMBy David McManus Posted in Tree Service Marketing, tree service leads, tree service seo

Though there are many different services and niches in the tree care profession, in the mind of the consumer, most tree removal companies and services are the same. That’s a problem for you if you own a tree service business because anybody who buys a chainsaw and a pickup truck can call themselves a tree service company and underbid you on every job.

So how do you separate your professional tree removal business from the low ballers and differentiate yourself from the other tree companies.

If you want to be considered a professional tree service business - not just a tree removal business - then you need to be aware of how you talk and interact to the customer and that includes how you answer the phone. Long term customer relationships are built on trust, service and rapport - how you build these customer relationships begins with the first introduction.

You’ve heard the saying “you only get 1 chance to make a first impression”. When a customer calls a business they want to be re-assured it wasn’t a mistake calling you. If you only answer your phone by saying hello or you don’t answer at all then you just lost a customer. Countless tree service businesses shoot themselves in the foot and lose customers because they either don’t answer the phone or don’t answer the phone properly.

Professional Tree service vs 2 chainsaws and a pickup.png

How you answer the phone, how you go out on appointments, how you speak to customers and how you build the lifetime value of your services to the customer is what separates a professional leader in the industry from the amateur. You have to look and act professional at all times and that means you have to think beyond just showing up and cutting trees. The way you dress, the way you present yourself, your demeanor, your attitude and the way you communicate to the customer will all have an effect (negative or positive) on whether the customer wants to hire you. 

This all brings up a conundrum. You’re in the business of cutting trees, you want to be out in the field, not in the office answering and making phone calls. Or the phone calls are going to your cell phone, but you’re fifty feet in the air with a chainsaw, you can’t answer the phone. If these scenarios sound like you then your solution is to hire someone in the office to answer calls and book appointments or you can get a phone service. The latter may even be acquired for a low monthly cost - but surely a small investment like that will mean a big separation in your service.

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Posted in Tree Service Marketing, tree service leads, tree service seo